weather by hayley -
Supposed to mimic the weather channel's local on the 8s, where instead of a static page with your forecast, it will be a voice telling you the forecast with pretty background music.

you suck at french -
French language trainer.

you suck at spanish -
Spanish language trainer.

polygato - not built/live yet
(Potential future name for the language sites.) Quizzes/verb trainers for French, Spanish, and whatever other languages I want to do. Mascot could be a multilingual cat.

five nights at hayley's - not built/live yet
Could I turn FNAF into a web game? That is the question.

pzizz knockoff - not built/live yet
Pzizz was this thing to put you to sleep. My understanding was that it could generate somewhat brand new combinations of music and narrations every time. I want to do that, but in the browser.

cyclocane -
Technologies: ruby, opal, coffeescript, middleman, leaflet, highcharts
Takes hurricane/cyclone/typhoon data from a variety of government sources and compiles it in one location.

tornado hq -
Technologies: ruby, opal, coffeescript, middleman, sidekiq, clockwork, leaflet
User friendly tornado warnings. Also has a live updating page designed to mimic the same info you'd get from a weather radio.

tertremo -
Technologies: ruby, opal, coffeescript, middleman, leaflet
Eventually it will be the Cyclocane of earthquake sites: compiling earthquake data from many government agencies.

my future radar -
You can just read your rain chance, or you could SEE it. See it at MFR. If it gets enough interest, I'll invest in generating the images myself through the raw GRIB data.

iembot scraper thingy -
You can view all of the weather alerts going through the National Weather Service on the IEMBot project page, but it's not user friendly. This one aims to be nicer.

severe weather outlook -
An easier way to see at a glance whether your location is affected by a potential severe weather chance.

wicked wx -
Technologies: ruby, sinatra, coffeescript, openlayers
The original severe weather outlook site I built to more user friendly to what the Storm Prediction Center was offering at the time.

storm time machine -
Technologies: ruby, coffeescript, middleman, openlayers
Time lapses of tornado outbreaks. knockoff - not built/live yet has been invaluable to me in testing regular expressions. But I'd like to see if I can build my own in nothing but Opal (frontend JS).